Caribou Hunting

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At current time, the limit is 2 bulls and unlimited cows, allowing for one of the greatest opportunities within the State, to fill your freezer. Most of our hunters encounter several animals in a day, making for numerous stalking opportunities each day. For archers, having the opportunity for several stalks in a day, is an amazing and unique experience. The hunting vessel offers some amazing amenities:

  • Drying quarters – These quarters provide a place to dry out your hunting gear each day. This area is enclosed, heated, and equipped with boot dryers.
  • Meat processing quarters – These heated and enclosed quarters are equipped with a meat processing table as well as freezers.
  • Meat hanging racks – Covered outside area for hanging your meat to cool before processing.
  • Skull processing area/equipment – If you have a trophy you wish to take home, a boiling pot with a pressure washer is available for your use. This helps in cleaning your trophy up for shipping.
  • Staterooms – There are six staterooms dedicated to your hunting party, allowing for 2 persons per room with plenty of room to stretch out.
  • Showers – The vessel is equipped with showers for daily use. It’s hard to beat a hot shower after a day of successful hunting.
  • Prepared meals – The vessels cook will prepare delicious hearty meals daily to include making you a sandwich or wrap for you to enjoy while in the field. Assorted snacks are provided for you to enjoy at anytime and to pack for your daily hunt.
  • Assorted beverages – You will have a selection of assorted canned beverages as well as juices, milk, and hot beverages. Alcoholic beverages are not provided but are allowed onboard.
  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is provided so you can stay in touch or share your latest photos with family and friends back home.
  • Satellite phone – The vessel is equipped with a satellite phone for you to use, at current air time rates, should you need to make that important call or just wish to share the story of your success.

Hunts are scheduled to be Saturday to Saturday, as per Alaska Airlines flight schedule. Hunters are responsible for their flights in and out of Adak. From the Adak airport we will arrange for transportation to the vessel and then once you have been introduced to the crew and the vessel, we will depart for the other side of Adak Island for your week of hunting and fishing. Through the week, the vessel will move from protected bay to protected bay, based on your suggestions as well as based on the weather. These chosen bays allow for a calm-sea anchorage, making for a very comfortable setting. Transport to and from shore is done by our licensed crew operating two very sea-worthy skiffs. At the end of the week, Friday evening, the vessel returns to Adak. Saturday, your day of departure, you are able to finish up packaging your meat and chosen trophies for flying back out with you. We will arrange for you and your gear to be delivered to the Adak airport.

We highly recommend this trip for those that enjoy the outdoor experience as much as the thrill of the take. With so much to do and see in a weeks’ time, our focus is to help you have an amazing experience with all Adak Island has to offer. For those that success is based solely on the taking of a record book sized animal, this may not be your hunt. There are some nice trophies out there but not a lot. With a limited amount of record book sized animals and a record number of animals, it’s an ideal hunt for those that enjoy sharing adventure and experiences with family and friends. As Fred Bear said, “A hunt based only on trophies taken, falls short of what the ultimate goal should be.”